Diagnocat Unveils Groundbreaking Update in Dental AI Analysis Service!

We are kicking off the new year with a significant milestone!

Diagnocat proudly presents the largest comprehensive update to our service. Over the past year, our dedicated team of researchers, doctors, programmers, and designers collaborated to improve on our service capabilities and our user interface. Extensive analysis of user feedback and comments, along with rigorous testing using real clinical cases, contributed to the realization of these major updates.*

Key improvements to STL and CBCT reports:

  • 01Introduction of an updated, intuitive menu for seamless navigation through anatomical objects;

  • 02Addition of an STL file orientation function, allowing doctors to view models from fixed angles (top, bottom, frontal, and lateral views);

  • 03Integration of visual style customization for 3D model displays, facilitating easy transitions from translucent images to realistic visualizations of patients' bone tissue in STL format;

  • 04Separate viewing of upper and lower jaws with one-click, including the ability to change colors and adjust the transparency of anatomical structures;

  • 05Comprehensive anatomy of the patient's maxillofacial area included in the ordered report.

In addition, relative to previous indicators:

  • The accuracy of detection for periapical lesion on CBCT has been improved by 50%, the accuracy of segmentation by 21%;
  • The accuracy of localization and numbering of teeth on 2D Intraoral images has been increased by 24.5%;
  • Improved Orthodontic report* with a new design, transcripts, and comments added to 3D cephalometric analysis values. 3D volume is utilized to determine the length of the mandible body and ramus, as well as the width of the upper and lower jaws for Penn analysis in the frontal projection.

Early feedback from doctors who have experienced Diagnocat’s newest capabilities is overwhelmingly positive:

"In the updated STL report, the ability to view the model from a specific angle is a game-changer. The panel for toggling anatomical formations now has clear divisions into groups, streamlining work processes and patient communication."

"Working with Diagnocat has become much more convenient; navigation is now simple and clear."

We always encourage our users to share their experiences as their feedback is an asset in the on-going development and improvement of Diagnocat’s features.

Today, Diagnocat stands as one of the most advanced AI dental services in the world. Leveraging AI technology automates routine processes, and our unique algorithms assist doctors in making accurate diagnoses based on X-ray and CBCT analyses. Diagnocat is here to elevate your dental practice to a new level.

We invite you to explore this latest update. Please join us in growing and developing together, offering patients the best in dental care!

* The availability of Diagnocat products is limited in various countries. Please contact us to check availability in your country.